Bamboo Tea fresh from our

organic farm.


Made in the Philippines. 100% good stuff.​

Bamboo Tea Story

Did you know ​that bamboos are one of the fastest growing plants in the world? During rainy seasons, bamboos can grow up to 1.5 inches an hour or 3 feet in a day. These amazing plants are also very resilient. Makes us wonder what is in the bamboo that gives them these amazing properties. 

As we find bamboos fascinating, we dedicated our efforts to classify, to protect, to conserve and to preserve Philippine bamboo species as well as other tropical, sub-tropical and temperate taxa all over the world.


We have studied and collected over a hundred species of them.  We are also engaged in diversified bamboo processing projects particularly handicrafts and furniture-making.


We produce “Bambù Tisane”, the first ready to drink bamboo herbal infusion in the Philippines. We also make bamboo teabags (from organically grown bamboo leaves) in pure form or blended with other herbs.


We, at Bambu Tisane, will continue to uphold bamboo as the “grass of life”.

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